• Stackable Moving Crates
  • Deluxe Skate (dolly)
  • Moving Crate Rentals

Value & “Green”

  • Requires significantly LESS moving labor
  • At 2.6 cu.ft., it holds 20-30% more than traditional corrugated moving boxes
  • Does not absorb moisture unlike BANKERS BOX® storage boxes.
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  • Helps to avoid costly back injuries - "EMPLOYEE FRIENDLY"
  • Virtually "Crushproof" under normal usage
  • Helps keep landfills from filling as fast
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  • One person can move 4-8 crates at one time! This is equal to 8-16 auto-bottom boxes!
  • Reduce office/company downtime/wheel out of the way after it is 'packed'.
  • No taping or disassembling required like cardboard boxes.
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  • 50,000+ items...totes, crates, storage products, material handling & facility maintenance supplies, packaging, shipping, office, shop, safety & outdoor products.
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