Value of Plastic Moving Crates

crate with plastic hinge

Crate with plastic hinge


Capacity approximately 2.6 cu.ft.


Looking for an excellent value? Our crate and skate systems maximize your space, meaning you’ll need fewer crates to move than traditional boxes.

  • Due to its stacking capability (compared to cardboard), this system requires less moving labor, equating to time and money saved.
  • Crate & Skate systems maximize moving van capacity by 30-40%. Skates pack tighter while crates stack higher than cardboard boxes without crushing.
  • Crates hold approximately 2.6 cu. ft., 38% more (by volume) than the average moving box of 1.5 cu .ft.
  • Skates hold 4 crates compared to 3 for traditional box dollies…33% savings.
  • Crate/skate system provides efficient loading and unloading.
  • You can own and reuse crates for moving or storage at a reasonable cost. Rental is now available in limited regions!
  • Skates provide multiple uses around many workplaces.
  • Crates may be used repeatedly for years to come.
  • Compared to box dollies, fewer skates are required to complete the job.
  • Reinforced tie holes allow you to use zip ties or padlocks.
  • Superior lid strength.
  • Nesting ratio about 5 to 1


  • Reusable & environmentally friendly
  • May qualify for “LEED” points
  • Helps keep landfills from filling as fast
  • Crates are recyclable, made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)


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